The Makers

We are designers, fabricators, technicians and problem solvers, whose creations make a bold and lasting statement. We pride ourselves on exploring new technology and design/fabrication processes to create exciting and innovative work for our clients.

As Makers, we are committed to the following practices:

  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Strictest quality control standards
  • Collaborative design process

Meet Harold

Harold is a skilled perfectionist and takes great pride in hand-crafting his own pieces of art for our clients. While he does use the latest state-of-the-art mitering machines for his work, Harold prefers and is happiest when he can slow down and take his time to build one-of-a-kind gilded frames. His smile, whistling, and unique sense of style always accompany everything he builds, whether that’s gallery-wrapped canvases or highly-ornate frames.

Meet Mary Jo

Mary Jo is a unique type of artist who creates a special relationship to each project she touches. When crafting her work, she is drawn to projects with a sentimental connection, ensuring that every precious detail and desired emotion is presented in its best light. Through her custom design work and hand-painting, each project sparks her bubbly personality and infectious energy. It’s no wonder that every day she can be heard exclaiming, “I love my job!”

Meet Marlon

Marlon is a proud 12-year Army Veteran, and now serves as assistant production manager who operates our laminator and coating machines – however, he’ll tell you he can operate every machine we have. Machine operator aside, don’t be fooled, he loves art, any art. The more weird, unusual, and strange, the better – which is no surprise since he has a degree in graphic design. He’s a true Maker – part machinist, part artist and all amazing.

Meet LB

LB can do everything on the shop floor, and after 30 years, we don’t doubt it. He’s a constant-moving-get-it-done-burst-of-energy Superman who can teach you anything you want to know in our production facility – that’s if you can get him off the forklift long enough to show you. On the weekends, he’s a handyman and tinkerer who likes to get his hands dirty landscaping. But ask him what he likes about his job most and he’ll tell you it’s the passionate people that surround him all day.