La Quinta

Kaleidoscope created over 125 guestroom wall murals for the newly renovated La Quinta in Waco, TX. Nikasa Design imbued the public areas with local area photography, including a Bling! wall mural stretching over 70 feet. For the guestroom murals, our designers were commissioned to create two custom designs using local Waco imagery, incorporating the vibrant and iconic blue and orange color palette of the hotel.

The stunning blue mural depicts an aerial map of delicate hand-drawn illustrations of intricate Waco roads and waterways. The rich orange and cream-colored mural portrays an abstract photo of a local area bridge. The bright orange hues and linear composition of the bridge add an exciting visual experience to the room, while the blue map provides a different viewpoint of the town. Together, these two works of art provide a light and fresh perspective of Waco, inviting any guest to be a part of the local experience.

Metro Midtown